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Here is the complete list of ganesh chaturthi recipes for you. Click on any recipe below to view the directions to create these delicious ganesh chaturthi recipes. We have a total of 3 ganesh chaturthi recipes for you to make. Enjoy these recipes and do let us know your feedback.


Indian Recipe for Ganesh Chaturthi : Ellu Kozhakattai


Ingredients: For Dough 2 cups rice flour 1 tbsp oil A pinch of salt For Filling 1 cup white sesame seeds 1 cup jaggery (powdered) 1 tbsp ghee


Method : Prepare a dough as for Vella Kozhakattai, and set aside. Roast sesame seeds till pink. Grind to a fine powder along with jaggery. Add ghee and mix well. Now take a small portion of dough and with greased palms, pat into a disc. Put a small portion of filling in the centre. Fold over the edges and make a half circle. Press the edges well. Similarly make all Kozhakattais and steam.

Indian Cooking Recipe : Modak


Ingredients : 2 plantains ¼ pav maida 1 pinch salt 2 cardamom pods 2 tsp sugar ghee for frying


Method : Peel plantains. Mash and put sugar, salt, powdered cardamom and maida. Stir properly to make a dough. Heat ghee in frying pan, drop small pellets of dough gently into ghee and deep fry till it turns reddish brown in colour. Instead of ¼ pav maida, fine soji and rice flour mixed with maida (totally ¼ pav) can be used.


Indian Recipe for Ganesh Chaturthi: Vella Kozhakattai


Ingredients: For Dough 2 cups rice flour 1 tbsp oil A pinch of salt For Filling 1 coconut (grated) 1 cup jaggery (powdered) 1 tbsp ghee


Method : Mix grated coconut, jaggery and ghee in a heavy pan. Cook on a medium flame, stirring continuously till thick. Allow to cool. Form small balls and set aside. Heat 2 cups of water in a pan. Add salt, oil and flour, then stir continuously till dough leaves the sides of the pan. Allow to cool and knead well. Take a small ball of dough and with greased palms pat into a disc. Put some filling in the middle and seal it. Make all Kozhakattais and steam till done.